Generosity of camp parents funds camperships


We at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center would like to thank all the families who have pitched in an extra few dollars each to collectively make a big difference for campers in need. When registering for spot at The Watersports Camp, parents have the option to make a small donation to fund camperships for kids who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to participate. So far, 56 families have generously made donations and have raised enough money for two full camperships which can be distributed as a whole, or can be broken down to partial camperships to fund more families based on financial need. Information on how to apply for a campership is available at Funds are allocated on a slide scale set by the YMCA of San Diego.

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Camp with a buddy is more fun!

There is a new feature that you may notice when signing up for camp this year.  Campers who will be participating in the afternoon multi-sport camp and wish to be grouped together can now use the buddy request system to ensure that they get into the same group.  If you know that you will be attending camp the same week as a friend, simply enter their name and email address at the buddy request page.  Read More

Counselor-In-Training program gives teens a first work experience

For many campers who attend camp as a child turning 14 years old means one thing..  you can now become a CIT.. that is, a Counselor-In-Training. They look forward to being able to don the yellow shirt and not only carry a water jug or a clipboard full of roll cards, but the responsibility of being a camp leader. Read More