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Equipment Rentals

We offer same-day recreation use rentals of sailboats, kayaks, rowing shells, windsurfing, and stand up paddleboarding equipment. Our everyday low prices are some of the lowest in San Diego and are often even lower than the daily deal rates offered at similar facilities..


All our equipment is of the highest quality. Included for individual checkout are Sabots, Lasers, Holder 14’s, Hobie Cat 16’s, kayaks, windsurfers, rowing wherries, training singles and all flotation devices and other support equipment. Wetsuits are available for one dollar and picture ID per use while renting or taking classes. J/24 keelboats and Correct Craft wakeboard and waterski boats are available with a skipper by advance reservation.


To be eligible to rent equipment you must either take a class and be checked off on the specific equipment, or if you have prior experience on a piece of equipment, you must take a minimum 2-hour private orientation lesson. Further instruction may be required if you do not pass the orientation qualification. There is no qualification required for sit-on-top kayak rentals or stand up padleboard rentals. Customers must be 18 years of age or older to rent. Customers under 18 must be supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times from a similar vessel on the water.






Equipment rentals are for up to 2 1/2 hours use.

  Fee Current SDSU/UCSD Student Fee
Stand Up Paddleboard $26.00 $21.00
SIngle Kayak $21.00 $16.00
Double Kayak $26.00 $21.00
Sailboat Rental $31.00 $26.00
Rowing Rental $31.00 $26.00
Windsurf Rental $31.00 $26.00


You can save money by purchasing 3-visit or 6-visit rental packages for a particular piece of equipment. Packages of rentals are for individual visits and may not be transferred to others. Packages are intended for returning customers to save money.


  Fee Current SDSU/UCSD Student Fee
Stand Up Paddleboard 3-visits $57.00 $47.00
Stand Up Paddleboard 6-visits $93.00 $73.00
Single Kayak 3-visits $47.00 $37.00
Single Kayak 6-visits $78.00 $58.00
Double Kayak 3-visits $57.00 $47.00
Double Kayak 6-visits $93.00 $73.00
Sailboat 3-visits $67.00 $57.00
Sailboat 6-visits $113.00 $93.00
Rowing 3-visits $67.00 $57.00
Rowing 6-visits $113.00 $93.00
Windsurf Board 3-visits $67.00 $57.00
Windsurf Board 6-visits $113.00 $93.00




We offer rentals with skippers of the following equipment. These boats require a skipper and cannot be rented unsupervised. Contact the MBAC at (858) 488-1000 to schedule a skippered rental.

Wakeboarding/Waterskiing Boat Rental

Includes current year Correct Craft Nautique with driver and all equipment (2-hour minimum, 2 person minimum, 6 person maximum)
Fee Current SDSU/UCSD Student Fee
$180.00 per hour $130.00 per hour

Keelboat Rental (2-hour minimum)

Includes certified skipper, 2-hour minimum, 5 person maximum per boat.
Fee Current SDSU/UCSD Student Fee
$100.00 per hour $75.00 per hour



The following equipment can be rented by the day. Equipment not returned by ½ hour before closing will be charged for the following day. No qualification is required for daily equipment rental.

Cost per day

Equipment Fee Current SDSU/UCSD Student Fee
Surfboard $26.00 $18.00
Bodyboard $16.00 $11.00
Wetsuit $16.00 $11.00
Lifejacket $11.00 $8.00
Wakeboard $31.00 $21.00
Waterskiis $31.00 $21.00